Rock Island Radio interview

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A few weeks back I did a quick interview with the fine fellas at Rock Island, Newfoundland and Labrador’s newest local music mag (and now radio show). We talked about touring life and the differences of scenes in cities like St. John’s, Toronto and elsewhere.

The whole episode is here. I’m somewhere in the middle. But give it a listen to hear some great diverse St. John’s artists and what they are up to!

Rock Island interview


A little while back I did an interview with the folks at Rock Island, Newfoundland and Labrador’s newest music magazine. Here is a link to the premiere issue of the mag where you can read it and some other cool interviews and reviews of NL artists.

ECMA Nomination!!!

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Today Twitter told me my album Rogue Doubt has been nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Rock Album of the Year! A minute later an email from the ECMAs confirmed it. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday afternoon.

It’s nice to be nominated for an album that is not only very personal but also will be my last for a long time (due to my health issues). And in a category with all bands it is kind of neat to be the lone solo act. I’m in some great company, both with the cool acts in the Rock Album category and of friends and colleagues nominated for other awards. Newfoundland and Labrador is heavily represented which is always a hoot, cause we have such a wealth of great music here.

I must tip my hat to the ECMAs for instituting a full jury process this year. This means that a jury of music industry types decide not only which albums are nominated, but which albums will win. Whereas in the past it was a jury nomination but members voted for the winner. This new way removes some of the popularity contest and makes it about the album.

Will this mean anything in the long run for indie acts versus those with labels and management etc? Probably not. They have more money to spend on making an album than the independent acts. But it does mean we can get our names up there with them and that is worth something right?

Thanks again to all the fine folks who helped make Rogue Doubt a reality. Robert Kelly, Justin Merdsoy, J LaPointe, Chris Clarke, Brad Madden, Ian Foster, Paul Heppleston, Tino Borges, Jud Haynes, Joel Upshall, Janis Campbell, Naomi Kavka, Danika Drover, Chris Harnett, MusicNL and the internet choir (on Marathon Man).

Though I stopped performing live 2 months ago (Dat sux!) I had applied to perform in a few showcases at the ECMAs but I was not successful in getting any of those slots. Plus I am in school studying like a busy bee to learn all the fancy graphic design whoseewhatsits. So I don’t know if I will be attending the awards festivities or not. A lot of factors to …er…factor in there. But in case I am not there to say it… Congratulations to all the nominees. Just by putting out an album you show a dedication to art that not many have. Give yourself a minute to be proud of what you have done and what you may yet do.

Hugs and kisses


Free tunes for Christmas!

With Santa

I decided to record a few seasonal classics for my Great Aunt Josephine for Christmas. Josephine surprised me this past summer by giving me her mother’s antique reed organ; an instrument I have always loved.

I managed to make a few christmas jams happen for her, some songs she likes but I thought I would share a few of them with others as well.

Here is the Jim Reeves classic An Old Christmas Card. I somehow managed to convince my Father to do the recitation part in the middle. I’ve been trying to get him on a track somehow for almost 20 years. I guess I just had to throw some country style recitation at him. (It’s free to download if you like it)

The other tune I put together was Schubert’s Ave Maria. Josephine is a big fan of that one so I thought I should give it a shot. (also free to download)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy post-Hannukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy beginning of winter and absolutely nothing related to any organized religion. Whatever you celebrate I hope you have a great time.

Hugs and Kisses


Few tunes and a chat!

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This past summer I did a few tunes and an interview with Fabian James of Club One New Releases. The video was released recently. Give it a gander.

Krima Tam!!! Gift giving time!


Christmas gift giving season is upon us!
Feed the beast!

You need gifts and I have music to sell! I also have t-shirts to sell if you are so inclined.

You can buy all of these wondrous things through my website…which you are obviously on so the hard work is already done! You can order physical copies of music from Fred’s records via the links or gift your friends and family music via iTunes. You want a t-shirt to give that special someone a year round hug? Drop me a message. I’m everywhere: Facebooks…the Twitters…Instantgramz. Hit me up.

You know there is gift giving done at Hannukah too right? Just sayin’.

Happy Holidays.

Stamper’s Last Stand?!?!

Nov 14 poster

My former band KING NANCY are playing a set at the Bull and Barrel this coming Saturday!

It’s all part of the Bull’s 11th anniversary! If that wasn’t enough of a reason for you to get yer drink on…This will also be my last show. (DUN DUN!)

I’ve been pretty public about my struggles with Psoriatic Arthritis and what it is doing to my body. This disease makes it increasingly difficult to play instruments AND sing. I’ve fought off making this decision for a long time but things continue to get worse and a decision eventually had to be made. I want to stop while I am able to play a last show that is as close to technically good as I can make it. I don’t want to fall apart on stage and instead remember that as how I went out. So when the idea to get the band back together for a fun set in the tiniest bar we know and love it was perfectly fitting.

Maybe someday I’ll find the right medical cocktail that will alleviate the pain and stiffness that effects my joints, or the aches and dryness that effect my throat. While it sounds great to the listener (thanks for the compliments recently guys, I really mean that!) It physically hurts me more and more every time. Like razor blades in my throat. Like someone hitting my hands with a hammer. Like a dagger into my tiny cold alien robot heart. Maybe someday I’ll be all better and will resume live performance…But until then……

Let’s have a night of celebration; not a night of mourning. There is a ton of other great performers (all week in fact!) and friends going to be around. Let’s cheers the Bull and let her know that she is the best little bar in Newfoundland.

See you Saturday!

Hugs and kisses,