Give me your money!!

Arthritis Cover pic

I announced last week that I was going to be an ambassador for the Arthritis Society’s Walk to Fight Arthritis. While that position was meant to help promote the walk it wasn’t directly going to raise cash money for the Arthritis Society. So I decided to register for the walk myself and try to raise some money. Which is going to be interesting cause I’m not much of a walker these days. But having Psoriatic Arthritis this is something I want to walk for.

So please go here and donate whatever you can:

I’m an ambassador for the Arthritis Society!!


My pal Lisa Walters (Bloggess of Damsel In A Dress and contributor to Hello Giggles, Huffington Post and more) and I are this years ambassadors for the Arthritis Society of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Walk To Fight Arthritis. I guess that means I’ll be doing a lot of Ambassading…which I think means interviews, articles and generally trying to raise awareness for Arthritis and the upcoming walk.

Aside from the obvious “I have Arthritis” that makes me want to help out, I want to inform folks that arthritis isn’t just the “stiffness pain that old folks get” which I feel most people think it is. There are over 100 forms of arthritis and all are painful and debilitating. 80% of Canadians will suffer from some form of arthritis in their lifetime. Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis affects children. Imagine a child unable to move, in pain, not knowing why.

There is no cure for arthritis. Treatments can help, but diagnosis can often take years. So more study needs to be done to alleviate the symptoms and more focused training for medical personnel to see the signs to speed up diagnosis.

Please check out the website, sign up for the walk and donate. 1 in 6 Canadians has arthritis. That means someone you know is struggling with it.

The walk itself is scheduled for Sunday June 7th. You can read all about it and join up here:

ECMA week in St. John’s

MusicNL @ ECMA

I didn’t get any love from the ECMAs this year while they are in my home town. I was hoping to play with the band and kick out the jams the way they are represented on the album but alas my lone East Coast Music Week gig is a solo acoustic set Friday afternoon at the “Newfoundland Consulate”. A fun gig set up by MusicNL at the Eastern Edge Gallery. I’m on Friday at 5:00 but there are a bunch of great acts playing before and after me so come on out. There is no cover. Free is as cheap as it gets.

See the poster below for all the MusicNL set listings for this week.

MusicNL @ ECMA

Friends for Film fundraiser


I am happy to be involved in a fundraiser happening at the LSPU Hall on Tuesday March 31st. I’ll be sharing the stage with Everglow and Green & Gold. All to kick off fundraising efforts for Joshua Jamieson and his new filmmaking endeavour.

You can check out Joshua’s Facebook event here for more details and updates:

When the lights went out…

Photo by Mark Critch

UPDATE: here is a link to a video of the performance when the lights went out.

Last night I performed at a benefit for the Iris Kirby House here in St, John’s, organized by Tara Bradbury from the Telegram. The show was called Under The Covers and featured myself, Sean McCann, The Ennis Sisters, Lynda Boyd and Chris Kirby all performing a few cover songs and an original and hosted by the supremely funny Mark Critch. It was a fun show for a great cause. But amidst that fun show I experienced one of those probably-never-to-be-experienced-again moments.

During soundcheck the power kept going off. It would come back a minute later. But it would take a few minutes extra for all the lights and sound equipment to come back online. It did this 2 or 3 times. But then it seemed like everything was sorted and the show would continue without any interruption.

A few moments before intermission, as I was performing a cover of Lilac Wine (perhaps most known from versions by Nina Simone or Jeff Buckley), right at the end of the first verse the lights went, the power died and the room fell silent. I don’t know why but in my head I had a split second to decide whether I should stop or keep going unplugged in this beautiful old theatre…..I kept going. The other performers on stage took out their cell phones and turned their flashlights on me and the audience listened just a little more intently. It was truly one of those moments you will always hope to remember as a performer. As I got to the end of the song the power came back on and the tech crew faded the sound and lights back up. The rest of the show went off without a hitch.

I just wanted to share that brief moment with you.


Warm Hearts for Iris Kirby House

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.54.20 PM

As of this Saturday I will have performed 3 out of the 4 times the Telegram (organized by Tara Bradbury) has put off the Warm Hearts fundraiser for Iris Kirby House. If you don’t know what Iris Kirby House is, it provides shelter to women and their children who are experiencing relationship abuse. Today I was lucky enough to be invited to Iris Kirby House to meet some of the ladies, their kids and staff and take a tour of the facility. There are some great things happening there and I am more than proud to do even a little part to help. But there is so much more that needs to be done. I could relay some of the harrowing stories I have heard, or drop statistics on you, or even try to offer suggestions as to what we can do better. But this post isn’t about that right now.

You may have seen me post the last few days about a show coming up Saturday at Holy Heart. It is the aforementioned Warm Hearts concert. Myself, Chris Kirby, Sean McCann, Lynda Boyd and the Ennis Sisters are all performing. The show is called Under the Covers…cause we are all going to be doing a few cover songs. Mark Critch will be there to host and keep us chuckling between songs. The fun gets underway at 8:00. $25. I’m sure many of you already understand the idea: You come have a fun night and in doing so support a great cause. It is that simple. This show isn’t just about raising money for IKH and the women it helps. It’s also about showing these women that we are there and want to help….need to help.

If you can’t come, or the show doesn’t appeal to you, that is fine. But please don’t let that be a reason to not show a little support for Iris Kirby House and the things they work to do. Swing by their website. See if there is something you can do to help. Drop a few dollars. Donate some clothes. Household supplies. Etc. There is a great need. Hopefully someday there won’t need to be. But today there is.