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My former band KING NANCY are playing a set at the Bull and Barrel this coming Saturday!

It’s all part of the Bull’s 11th anniversary! If that wasn’t enough of a reason for you to get yer drink on…This will also be my last show. (DUN DUN!)

I’ve been pretty public about my struggles with Psoriatic Arthritis and what it is doing to my body. This disease makes it increasingly difficult to play instruments AND sing. I’ve fought off making this decision for a long time but things continue to get worse and a decision eventually had to be made. I want to stop while I am able to play a last show that is as close to technically good as I can make it. I don’t want to fall apart on stage and instead remember that as how I went out. So when the idea to get the band back together for a fun set in the tiniest bar we know and love it was perfectly fitting.

Maybe someday I’ll find the right medical cocktail that will alleviate the pain and stiffness that effects my joints, or the aches and dryness that effect my throat. While it sounds great to the listener (thanks for the compliments recently guys, I really mean that!) It physically hurts me more and more every time. Like razor blades in my throat. Like someone hitting my hands with a hammer. Like a dagger into my tiny cold alien robot heart. Maybe someday I’ll be all better and will resume live performance…But until then……

Let’s have a night of celebration; not a night of mourning. There is a ton of other great performers (all week in fact!) and friends going to be around. Let’s cheers the Bull and let her know that she is the best little bar in Newfoundland.

See you Saturday!

Hugs and kisses,


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