Logo design for a band. They wanted something that implied elements of folk, rock, shipwrecks and whiskey.
A rebranding for the Psoriasis Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. First we shortened the name to something a little tighter. They wanted to use purple as it is often associated with Psoriasis groups and they wanted to keep a tree analogy from their previous incarnation. The leaves represent the people coming together to create something stronger than any one person.
A boutique rental property in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica with a theme of calming and soothing buddhist meditation just steps from the beach.
The Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland & Labrador needed a new logo. The leaf is from birch trees that grow in Newfoundland. They wanted a typeface that was rustic yet easy to read.
A group of women who take part in an annual charity drive for the homeless by spending the night outside in the same manner homeless people do.
An independent yoga instructor, Meghan wanted something soothing yet colourful. Fashionable and fun yet strong.
The SJNMC wanted a logo that represented both their approach to new and avant-garde music and the Island culture. The wind-wave uses multiple blues, brush strokes and curves. It could be the fierce wind, could be a brash wave off the coast or it could be a rush of sound.
An Ovarian Cancer Support and Awareness group based in Newfoundland & Labrador. We chose a strong but thin slab serif to show strength and vulnerability. The teal colour is often associated with Ovarian Cancer awareness campaigns.
Logo for a traditional band
A logo for a charitable group who help fund music lessons for underprivileged youth.
A boutique real estate brokerage based in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica specializing in purchasing or renting properties for ex-pat investors.
A new music studio in Dartmouth NS focusing on teaching young children one-on-one as well as offering Kindermusik lessons. Danielle wanted something that was more playful than other studios in her city. Something that was aimed at the children themselves. Playful, fun and free, yet structured.
A project to rebrand a boring logo and update it in a cool new way. The logo uses Helvetica because that is the font used in all the NYC traffic and directional signage. The classic yellow and black checker pattern but done in tire treads and Lady Liberty...hailing a cab.
A project to design and brand an airline and the plane livery
A project to design and brand a mid-priced wine.
Logo design for an RPG Video Game.
Logo design for a Real Estate themed podcast
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